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Login issues with XP

By dkent ·
Ok so we have an issue where in one of our offices we are experiencing very slow logins. it takes about 20 min to login from the applying settings screne. this is on no perticular macine or user. it seems to be fairly randome PC wise. The only things I can see that Im not sure about is that in our DNS we have a reverse lookup zone but that is only for this office not any of the remote office(that includes the one having the issue). This is what we have tried.

Remove and re-add computer to the domain.
- Delete and recreate user profile.
- Release / Renew DHCP lease.
- Remove the contents of the C:\Windows\System32\WBEM\Repository directory
- Enable NETBIOS over TCP/IP (through DHCP and forced locally)
- Set local computer group policy in MMC to "Always wait for the network at computer startup and logon"
- Turned on verbosestatus in registry to display what is loading when Windows slows at loading personal settings - did not work on problem machines

Please let me know if you have any issues.

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by ric111 In reply to Login issues with XP

Check your DNS settings on these machines. Do you have a local DNS server in this office? Set all the machines to use this server only, then set the server as a forwarder. If your machines are going out over the Net for DNS, this will slow them way down.

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