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By chinnilax ·
can any body help me ,, i have a domain and i want to track user when they are login and logging off,,with time and hostname..

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by tmalo627 In reply to login logout time trace

You can set up a GPO to audit account logon events. This should provide you with the info you're looking for...who logged on when and to what machine.

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A bit old but it may help

by Jacky Howe In reply to login logout time trace

This section goes into your logon script.

set timer=C:\%computername%.txt
echo %computername% >%timer%
echo %username% >>%timer%
echo %date% >>%timer%
echo %time% >>%timer%

call c:\comp.bat

Create a Batch File called Comp.bat with the following information and place it in the root dir on each workstation.
Redirect the file to a hidden share on the server.EG. type %computername%.txt >> \\servername\wslogs$\%computername%.txt
@echo off
type %computername%.txt >> \\servername\wslogs$\%computername%.txt
del c:\%computername%.txt

Output will look like this

Fri 17/02/2006
Fri 17/02/2006

This is similar to what i had to do at a High School that i worked for to stop vandalism.
It was a lot quicker to find the culprit.

You could also add this to logon and logoff scripts specified by a Group Policy.

Create A hidden share on the file server EG: Trace$. It was origianlly called from the users logon script. You may have to modify it. I originally used this with 98 on a nt4 domain.

You will have the Username, Computername and Time of logon. It should keep adding to the file with the Logon ID.

@echo off
echo %computername% > %username%.txt
type c:\%username%.txt >> \\"server"\trace$\%username%.txt
echo y| net time \\"server" /set >> \\"server"\trace$\%username%.txt
del c:\%username%.txt

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