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By wakim ·
Hi there I am having problem in login to a web site. I am running Windows XP Pro,P4. 3.06 HT. IE.6 SP1. Recently the hdd was formatted with Fidisk and reformatted. The thing is that I could login with the valid username and password on other computer running other OS.(ealier it was working).
Please help to solve this promatic problem. Thanks

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Login problem

could be you are typing it in wrong
could be they are having site problems
could be something is mis-configured in ie6
could be security interfering
hi there, you don't really give us enuf to go on. what kind of problem? one thing i can think of is you lost your cookies with your system reinstall and perhaps your are mis-remembering or 'fat-fingering' it when you enter username and password. that problem would be 'invalid username or password' or 'no username or password found' those you take literally, usually.
the other kinda problem i can imagine you are having is invalid certificate, java error, security issues.
here are some things you can try if you like to help you and us pinpoint:
1) only this site giving problems? do you login to other sites using this username or password? how do they work?
2) put site in trusted zone. see how that works
3) turn off firewall temporarily (i am not even going to ask you which website you can't4) login to so do this step at own risk)
4) try netscape
5)try if from somebody else's computer

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by HereInOz In reply to Login problem

Could be your security settings. Some log ons require cookies to be enabled, some even require 3rd party cookies enabled. Even Netscape mail requires 3rd Party cookies to be enabled to allow you to log in the read your mail. If you don't allow them, it just sits there.

Drop your browser and any other security settings temporarily to the lowest level possible (remember what the original setttings were) and try to log on. If you can, then bit by bit increase the security until the log on fails.

If you can't log on with low security settings, then you have a problem!


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by Sue T In reply to Login problem

I had a problem like this the other day and found that it was a problem caused by an update for Windows/I.E. that I had downloaded and installed. I had to go back out to Microsoft's site and install the fix. This was at home and I don't have the info with me so I can not give more specifics but since Microsoft knows it is a problem and has made a fix for it you should be able to do a search at their site and get the information.

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by wakim In reply to

Thanks for your reply I went to microsoft side and could not get the information as required, I do hope you can specified where is the page I could get the fix.Thanks

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by Electramark In reply to Login problem

In February MS issued an automatic update for IE6. (Cumulative Security Update for Internet Explorer MS04-004) The update changed how Internet Explorer sends information to the Internet. Anyone who has automatic update enabled got this update. Some secure Web sites do not work well with this security update and might cause you to experience problems logging in or could even cause HTTP 500 internal server errors.
Ecommerce merchants have suffered losses in sales due to customers not being able to check out in certain shopping cart systems. They've had to post notices to customers using IE6 who might have a problem to go to the MS website to download a "Patch for the Patch". Most customers disregar the notice and go else where to buy. The merchants that this has affected are outraged since the "Patch for the Patch" has not been issued as an automatic download after over 2 months.
Hopefully MS will issue an automatic download soon - until then you may go here to fix things yourself:;amp;displaylang=en&familyid=254EB128-5053-48A7-8526-BD38215C74B2&displaylang=en

If this link doesn't work go to and look for the Update for Internet Explorer 6 Service Pack 1 (KB831167)

Good luck !!

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