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Login problem on Windows XP Home

By sal ·

A description of the scenario:
XP home laptop stand-alone unit (not in a network). In the welcome screen the system asks for a password (which I never had).

I think the problem started after I connected in a WIFI when I was travelling.

After I connected to this network I used the computer normally and then shutdown the computer.

The next time I tried to use the computer on startup the computer asked me in the welcome screen for the password (which I never had).

Whatever I type (including blank) as a password it answers:
"The local policy of the system does not permit you to logon interactively"

If I press Ctrl+Alt+Delete while at the welcome screen and try to login manually to the administrator account it tells me:

"Unable to log you on because of an account restriction".

I tried to reset the password, but it seems that the problem is relative to the permissions of the users.

The same behaviour occurs in the safe mode.

Could you help me?

All tips are very welcome.

Salvador Scofano

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by BFilmFan In reply to Login problem on Windows ...

You've had a GPO placed on your system.

Since this is XP Home it cannot have been placed on by a domain controller.

Thus someone had to have manual access to your system.

Your resolution will be do an inplace re-install.

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by sal In reply to Login problem on Windows ...


Thanks for the reply.

When I logged in a WIFI network while travelling, the network probably messed with the security configuration of my machine.

I finally managed to solve the problem as follows:
1)From a fully installable XP CD (not a "Recovery" CD), boot from =

the CD and let setup Start. You'll be offered the opportunity to Repair =

the XP installation. Press R to enter Recovery Console. You'll be =

prompted for the Administrator password.

2)At the C:\Windows prompt entered the following commands:

CD System32\Config


COPY C:\Windows\Repair\Security.* C:\Windows\System32\config

Reboot the computer when the file copy is complete.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Login problem on Windows ...

While the above answer is correct you can also remove the HDD from the NB fit it to a USB caddy and save your data so you do not loose everything. You'll most likely have to take ownership of your Files so follow the following URL on how to perform this;en-us;308421

About the only other option that you possibly can have is that you must have had a password to log onto the Wireless network so try using that password. As you have Home it can not have come from a Domain controller as Home can not be connected to a Domain.


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by sgt_shultz In reply to Login problem on Windows ...

nice job fixing yourself. i think you did the right thing. maybe you had trojan or something? do all your windows updates, use a firewall or the xp sp2 firewall and keep those virus defs jupdated etc etc

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by sal In reply to Login problem on Windows ...

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