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Login Script Questions

By stacydev ·
We have a Netware box that we are migrating to NT. It is being done for licensing reasons. The login script on the Netware side is written so that if you are a member of group then you get certain drive maps. Is there a way to map the drives for NT and 9x clients based on what group they belong to. Some users belong to more than one group.

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I believe you can

by FernS In reply to Login Script Questions

using the Migration Tool for Netware which preserves the existing netWare user account information as well as copies direcories, files and logon scripts to the NT domain controllers.. there may be some restrictions but you can research those and plan accordingly...

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Part answer

by Locura In reply to Login Script Questions

Is there a way to map the drives for NT and 9x clients based on what group they belong to?.

Yes, i administrate NT, if you have clients in an User group for instance, all you need to do is, under the "User manager for domains" tab in NT, configure the status of each group, then just put the client in the specified group, if that dosen't work try to use server manager on the Nt tools bar!
Hope one works...

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Could you explain a little bit more?

by stacydev In reply to Part answer

I am not really sure how your explanation relates to my orginal question so could you please explain it a little more so that I can understand?
I currently have a NetWare login script that runs and maps the g drive a certain way if you belong to the sales group and if you belong to Accounting you get a K drive. I have no problem creating groups on the NT side. Since I have mostly 9x clients I am told that they won't understand groups.

Thanks in advance.

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Yes there is

by Nichomach In reply to Login Script Questions

Free utility called KiXtart - it's available from It's a small exe that you can call from a batch file (say LOGON.BAT). You register the batch file as the logon script for your users and it'll launch the app. The app then uses a text file (pretty easy to edit) for determining what it's supposed to do. Hope this helps, and if you need any help, get in touch.

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by stacydev In reply to Yes there is

Is there a good place or way to learn Kixtart? I am under a time crunch to get our users migrated from Novell to NT.

Almost all users are on 9x clients. The problem is that their drives are mapped depending on which group they belong to.

Will Kixart running on 9x clients be able to map drives depending which group someone belongs to? Do you have any examples?

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Short answer is yes

by Nichomach In reply to Help

and I've mailed you a script with mappings dependent upon group.

Hope it helps,


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by jchaty In reply to Short answer is yes


If you have the script for KiXtart and are willing to share, I would love a copy. I have a need to map drives accross our domain and subnets via the group memebership. I just downloaded KiXtart 95 Version 3.63, and have a large learning curve.



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Another way ...

by zlyrack In reply to Login Script Questions

There is a resource util that you can use with a little standard NT shell scripting that will allow you to map drives. I believe the file name is findgrp.exe, if you want a sample let me know...

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I would like a sample

by stacydev In reply to Another way ...

I would be interested in seeing an example. Does the findgrp.exe work on Windows 9x machines?

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Yes please

by kirst In reply to Another way ...

I would also like a copy if possible.
I also have the same question......does it work with Win9x?

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