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Login scripts

By mcoya ·
Can anybody give me an idea of exactly what a login script does in an NT 4 enviroment. I want to write a login script that will run a program as soon as the user logs in. Is this possible?

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Login scripts

by maxwell edison In reply to Login scripts

The purpose of the login script is to set the user environment. The login script is simply a batch file that resides on each domain controller. When a user logs in, this batch file will run, executing whatever commands are contained in it. These commands can consist of virtually anything that can be run from a command prompt. They can be as simple or as complex as your scripting skill allows.

This answer is from the Web Site, Focus on Windows article, "Creating an NT Login Script".

See this link for the whole article, examples, additional links, etc.

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Login scripts

by Shanghai Sam In reply to Login scripts

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Login scripts

by TimTheToolMan In reply to Login scripts


Yes it is possible, but you need to be aware of where it will run. Although the script lives on the server, it actually runs on the client so you cant call a program that you have stored on the server.

At least not directly... the script would have to do something like...

\\server\share\program.exe point the PC back to the server.

You can also use the "startup" folder to start an application by putting a shortcut to it in each person's profile (or alternatively once in the "All Users" profile)


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Login scripts

by vh_s In reply to Login scripts

Login script provides functionality to set workstation environment centrally through the server instead of doing one workstation by one workstation.

This tools is handy, in case you want to provide welcome screen, provide mapped network drive, mapped printer or more other complicated automated task needed when user log-in into the network.

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Login scripts

by mcoya In reply to Login scripts

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