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    Login Scripts


    by rmdennis ·

    I need to know what is the command line in a batch file(login script) to map drives to specific groups. (ie: in novell it was something like this “IF MEMBER OF “groups” THEN)” but I need it for Windows 2000 login script.

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      ifmember utility

      by razz2 ·

      In reply to Login Scripts

      The Resource kit has a utility called ifmember.exe that tests for
      group membership.

      This URL has the exact example you need (the second remark on
      the page):


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      Not Supported by Native Tools

      by briandesu ·

      In reply to Login Scripts

      AFAIK, what you want to do is not supported using the standard NET commands. However, this can be readily done using other scripting languages.

      I have heard that Kixtart can do what you want to do. Alternatively, you have Windows Script Host (WSH).

      Perform a Google search for WSH and Mapping Drives by Group should return numerous responses. The MSDN (Microsoft Developer Network) is also a good place for information relative to WSH.



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