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Login takes 20 minutes

By aydin ·

I've got a realy problem with a few laptops that seem to be taking on abpout 20 minutes to login.

The machines are brand new XP SP2 and have had company software installed.
They are on a domain, and seem to work correctly when I installed the programs.

Now about a week later, I am getting problems with them.
One of them takes 20 minutes to load. It goes to the login screen OK but when a username and password are input, it takes 20 minutes to login in. Its stays on 'checking network connections' and ' applying security settings' for a while.

Another of the laptops takes about 20 minutes to log in when it ISN'T connected to the network. Exactly the same setup.

The only way I can "fix" this problem up is to re-install everything including OS. This again is temporary as the problem develops again in about a week later.

Another takes a very long time to shutdown ?!?
The problems seem similar.

help required,

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by bcmathis In reply to Login takes 20 minutes

Check your DNS settings on the local machines. I was having the same problem, one of my clients used his laptop and he got a new ISP for home and installing the software changed his DNS to their servers, simply changing the DNS settings to automatic fix it for me.

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by aydin In reply to

DNS settings are correctly input. We have about 30 LTs but only a handful are giving these problems.

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by omairziaee In reply to Login takes 20 minutes

Do they have roaming profiles ???

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by aydin In reply to

They dont have roaming profiles.

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by hozcanhan In reply to Login takes 20 minutes

use one profile to log onto the domain and create another profile for the laptops when they are away from the network . Check your local DNS settings . If you don't use DNS , use WINS and enable netbios over tcp/ip. You shouldn't need to re-install from scracth every week.

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by aydin In reply to

As stated, many are working fine on or off the network. Only a few dont work correctly.

We are using DNS but this problem seems to be happening to the new ones we have purchased.

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by myplums In reply to Login takes 20 minutes

If using roaming profiles check the size of them. Some users will have 1gb profiles unless quota'd or checked.

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by aydin In reply to

No roaming profiles.

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by Gigelul In reply to Login takes 20 minutes

Do a search on Microsoft site using "uphclean".
This tool I think that will help you regarding the laptop issue which have a very long time shutdown.
About the startup issue, maybe will help or maybe not.

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by Gigelul In reply to

uphclean is not for policy changes only.
If you installed a new application it is posible that the windows cannot close all the related processes, so the uphclean will force them to close.

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