Login to shared windows server folder from a workstation as admin

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My complete question probibly should be clearified. When I am setting up a workstation and the profile is admin. I can't log into the servers shared folder from that workstion because there is an admin profile on the server. Is there a way to login to the shared folder on the network via unc path that includes my username and password?
Like \\server\shared folder\my name\my password?

Do you follow?

The better way to say this might be. How would you get programs that you plan to install on the workstation from the servers shared folder when your profile on the workstation is admin?


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Net Use

by lukeclifford In reply to Login to shared windows s ...

use the "Net use" command to map the folder as a drive and then connect to the drive.

something like this:

net use g: \\server\share password /user:username

you can get the exact syntax by running:
net use /?

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a possible solution

by Neon Samurai In reply to Login to shared windows s ...

If I understand, you have a server and workstation. Both are using there own user accounts. The server has a shared folder restricted to the server admin account. The workstation needs to open that share to install software.

I've a few things you may try;

Windows accepts user names as <machine>/<username>. First thing is to try connecting to the server share from the workstation using "connect as different user" with (uname; servername/administrator, passwd; server admin's password). This is done most easily through the "map network drive" function from the menu if you right-click My Computer.

(example; I have server ?Shares? on my network which all other workstations connect too for mass storage. The workstations all mount/map the share as uname ?shares/bob?)

If the server/administrator method does not work, consider creating a "shares user" under some user name which exists only as owner of those closed shares. This would be the same as option one with the "connect as different user" but with no possibility of the two admin accounts colliding (if that is the cause).

You may also try opening the shared folder for general access if this is a home machine or small enough network. You'll want to lock the shared folder down after your workstation is setup though. The shared folder should then not ask for a uname/passwd but if it does the uname is "%" with blank password.

Opening the shared folder is the less favorable method. If it?s free license software then you could create an open share just for your program installs if users do not have install rights on there workstations. My preferred solution would be to host the shared folder under a user account on the server like ?desktoptech?. You get no collision with workstation ?Admin? accounts since ?desktoptech? only exists on the server with the tech?s shared folder of installs and tools. You also have one less network accessed service under the ownership of Admin/Root if the shares account is ever cracked.

The overkill solution would be going to a true AD on the server with all workstations using the server?s user list. If your network is small or home based, it?s probably easier to stick with distributed access.

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