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    Loging at work and at home


    by mafig ·

    I have a small network at home mainly to share internet access (cable) by me and my 2 daughters, so I have a USRobotics router with 4 ports for our 3 PCs. My daughters’ PCs are MS Win xp so I used the MS wizard to set up the network so they can share internet and files with no problems. And it’s working.
    But… I have a thinkPad with Win98 that I take home once in a while. At home, although I can access the internet, I can’t access the others PCs disks.
    I think the problem will be the workgroup called ‘MSHOME’ or something like that I didn’t pay attention at the time of the network set up.
    At work I log to a domain so I can’t change names, so the question is how can I set up things to use my PC at work and at home without problems and without constantly changing configurations?
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