Logitech G602 issue

By rynahr ·
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Ok, here's what's going on: my youngest brother built a computer tower and gave it to me, minus the video card, a few days ago as he got a new rig. I got the video card and set it up with no problem, but the issue I'm running into is not one I would have anticipated having. Two years I go I picked up the Logitech G602 wireless gaming mouse and I've absolutely loved the thing, but when I hooked it up to the new rig, it's had nothing but problems. It freezes for minutes at a time, and when it does start moving, the cursor is incredibly slow and jerky. I've tried moving it to different ports, changing the batteries, uninstalling and reinstalling the drivers and cleaning the lens, but those only worked temporarily. I switched the mouse and keyboard back to my old rig (and the mouse worked just fine) so I could contact Logitech support, but that was 24 hours ago and I've not heard back. This new rig is so much nicer and I really want to finish setting it up. Am I going to have to pick up a new mouse or is there something I haven't tried yet that you guys would recommend?

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