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By Tony.gore ·
I recently took on a new job that is using a product called LogLogic. There has literally been millions of dollars invested and now I need to find someone that can help point me in the correct direction for using this product.

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Try here

by IC-IT In reply to LogLogic

If nothing on this link helps, and you have a service account, you can sign into their support area.

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LogLogic WebSite

by Tony.gore In reply to Try here

Thanks for the reply and leading information. Unfortunately another guy I have in the shop has spent countless hours on the phone and also reading their site literature.

Still to no avail to make the software actually function as advertised.

At this juncture I've stripped it down to it's base install and witnessed it being rebuilt only not to produce 1/4 of it's advertised capabilities.

Definitely not recommended for data mining of event logs.!.!

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Erm why have millions of dollars been invested

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to LogLogic

in something that you have to ask what it's for?

Should sort of be, in your face, shouldn't it?

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Iraq war

by neilb@uk In reply to Erm why have millions of ...

adds another five zeroes...

I wonder what that's for.

But I do see your point about his software.

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LogLogic Purpose

by Tony.gore In reply to Iraq war

Well bottom line is that I log everything on the network and log logic is "suppose" to give me the ability to process those lengthy log files. In various formats and some graphical to appease the uppers!

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by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Erm why have millions of ...

LogLogic references organic software? :0

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Organic Software

by Tony.gore In reply to Perhaps

Nooo this is a off the shelf product that any company can purchase. IF it was organically grown I would know EXACTLY who to ping for the technical information I'm soo in need of.

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by Tony.gore In reply to Erm why have millions of ...

Well the logic prior to my appearance as their lead tech rep alludes me. Most certainly the amount of money for product, equipment, personnel, and other associated expenditures.

That IS the best answer I can give you on that. Personally I would have created a log server and went on my merry way!

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Well whether the firm needed to do it is one thing

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Unsure

Investing that much in it though, I'd have expected info mercials above the urinals.
How to use loglogic screensavers, a mention in any vaguely relevant bulletin.


For it to permeate the ethos sort of thing.

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Well Played Sir

by Tony.gore In reply to Well whether the firm nee ...

YES.. Entirely AGREE! So be warned about the Log Logic product!

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