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Does anyone know how to force applications to shut down using a logoff batchfile? I have parameterized it with the /n and /f flags but my applications still don't seem to be reacting properly.

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by rami333 In reply to Logoff.exe
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logoff state detection

by dieudonne dominique In reply to Logoff.exe

I need to know when a pc is in a "logoff state" or not.With NT workstations I used to use newgina which allowed me to run a logoff script under the administrator account. That program just cleared the "DefaultUserName" in the registry under the winlogon key when the user logged off. With WIN2000 I try to find a solution without the newgina. But SU is not a solution since the password will be plaintext on disk. The local group-policy makes it possible to have logoff scripts but only in the user-environment, which make writing in the registry under winlogon impossible because of the security settings( a good thing ). There must be some "easy way" just to test ( by a local service ) the state of a pc. Of course if I lessen the restrictions onthe winlogon key ( write for normal users ) my old programs work fine, but that would be a severe security risk I don't intent to take.

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