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Logon problem

By abrayshaw ·
We are a high school running XP workstations, logging into a Windows 2003 server. On a number of computers, every so often, the network logon fails, reporting that the domain controller is unavailable. A computer right next to this one can log in just fine.
In order to fix this, I take the computer out of the domain (putting it into a workgroup), restart, then add the computer back to our domain. Each of these steps requires my account to be authenticated, so connectivity is not the problem. Problem is solved for the day. After the computer is powered down for the night, the same problem returns the next day. It seems the server is "forgetting" that the workstation belongs to the domain. Any ideas what's going on?
Thanks in advance.

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by rdeane In reply to Logon problem

Are all you workstations running on in the domain and not a workgroup. If you make a "such and such" school workgroup and add all the pc's to workgroup you should not have this problem anymore. At my work (Bank) we run on workgroups instead of domains. The only time we get that error is if an image of a pc is imaged over anouther pc and we dont take the name out of the workstation first then we get this problem. This might give you alittle work to do for a day but after that it should help :)

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to Logon problem

Workgroups are useless in some environments esp when used by different people and you have no central username database like a domain has and is a nightmare to maintain.

1. Check DHCP and make sure PCs have long enough lease times.
2. Ensure power saving options do not power down the network card and thus drop connections.
3. Make sure computer accounts are not being deleted by someone else accidently or otherwise.
4. Make sure PCs have latest patches installed incl server to make sure vunerabilities or bugs are not a cause of it.

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by p.j.hutchison In reply to

If I remember correctly, if the date/time shifts too much +/- 5mins then it looses connectivity with the domain. Running Net time on the PCs to sync with the DC helps.

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by ICB's corner In reply to Logon problem

After you join computers into domain, AD must contains the computer accounts. Check if these accounts exist.
Also could be workstation's firewall cause. Disable firewall and check if workstation work.
Check if is installed a particular application that can make this problem.

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by w2ktechman In reply to Logon problem

It looks like you have a lot of good answers,
Another thought to add on will be to try changing the CMOS battery out
Also, before re-adding the system to the domain, make sure the time/date is set properly. If it is not, I think that this error may occur. (trying to recall the last time I dealt with a similar issue).

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