Logon Script Error - Drive Mapping

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First time i've tried creating a vbscript and also my first post. Trying to create a script that will automatically log our thinclient users on to a network drive\folder when they login to windwos. I think I got it written correctly and I've put into the startup folder, but I am receiving the following message whenever it tries to start... "There is no file extension in "C:\Documents". Any ideas?

here's the vbs
set Net = WScript.CreateObject("WScript.Network")
Net.MapNetworkDrive "X:", "\\server\file location", False, "domain\employee", "password"

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Check out these samples from Guy Thomas

by Jacky Howe In reply to Logon Script Error - Driv ...

If you have a look at the advanced script it should get you on the right track.


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Don't know scripting either, But having good luck with this.

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Sapien Technologies
Logon Script Generator

Download page:

Download link:

I don't know what the False part is for , but shoulldn't the user be granted access based on the credentials already provided at logon?

In my logon scripts I map drive to shares based on Security Group memberships.

The Security Group is assigned access rights in the shares ACL. Then, if the user is a member of the group, the logon script maps the drive letter to the appropriate share and access is granted based on the user being a member of the security group.

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