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logon script installation

By christopher ·
I am using the logon script on NT server 4.0 to install Norton AntiVirus using the script included with the software. The problem is that, to install it, the user who logs in needs administrative rights. is there a way to grant the script permissionto install or something to that effect without have our administrator log on to the computer at least one time?

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logon script installation

by RSP In reply to logon script installation

You could use the SU service in the NT resource kit, or Runas on W2K.

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logon script installation

by christopher In reply to logon script installation

but wouldn't that put the username and password of an account with sufficiant permissions to install programs in plain text in the batch file. that would cause a security problem in our network.

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I Have That Problem Too

by mdabney In reply to logon script installation

One option you might consider, provided you haven't sunk huge coin into your current version of Norton, is to consider using Norton's AV Corporate Edition (NAVCE). NAVCE allows you to simply push the AV clients to your target PC’s without need for special NT memberships, file permissions, etc. Once installed, the system will automatically distribute signature updates, and conduct system scans as well. All at the frequency you choose. It’s worked out very well for us.

On the chance you don’t have the luxury of using NAVCE, I can say that I’ve tried – without success – to finesse a login script-based install via ordinary users. One way I’ve found to give people local admin-level access is tocreate a dedicated global group, and add it to the local Administrators group on PC’s/laptops as I build them or visit them. Then, if I need to grant admin access to the machine, I simply add the user, or users to the dedicated group in the domain, and they have access. After I’m done pushing clients or whatever, I remove them. It’s not sophisticated, or quick to implement, but it’ll do in a pinch. Especially for departments/PC’s that change frequently. I hope this helps.

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by christopher In reply to I Have That Problem Too

we are using Norton AV corperate Edition. I do not know of a way to install norton on the clients automatically with it, besides manually chosing the computer and running the remote installation wizard. but it does push the updates rather nicely. also, we have over 1,300 users and moving them into and out of groups would be a real pain.

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Which Version Do You Have?

by mdabney In reply to hmmmm..

In case you have a different version, we are using NAVCE ver 7.5. It comes on two CD's. One of the CD's has the stand-alone client, if that's all you need, but all the real functionality comes form the other components.

The ability to push clients, update signatures and such comes from the Symantec System Center Console, and the establishment of a distribution server. It takes a bit to setup, but well worth the time investment. CD #1 (I believe) contains an outline of the major installation steps.

As for the use of groups in the local admin group, I agree - it's not a viable option for all your users. Especially 1300. It's only suitable for small batch runs, and that's all I've ever tried to do with it.

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