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Logon Scripts Not Running-Win98 SE PC's

By nelsonok ·
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We have a couple of Win98 SE systems that get authenticated on the Domain but for some reason the logon script is intermittently not running; it's happened regularly with 2 users' systems but hasn't happened for 2 days and now a 3rd Win98 user is complaining of the same issue on a daily basis for the past 2 weeks (I just heard about it yesterday). Usually logging off and logging in again corrects the problem but this can, obviously, be a nuisance.

We have an NT4 Domain consisting of a PDC and 2 BDC's w/SP6a. Our environment is a mix of Win95B, Win98 SE, WinNT WS, and Win2K Pro and none of the other OSes have experienced this problem that I'm aware of.

I've checked MS Technet, TechRepublic, TechProGuild, with no applicable results and could use some input from any TR members that may have had a similar experience.

Thanks in advance for any input.


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Logon Scripts Not Running-Win98 SE PC's

by cheesin In reply to Logon Scripts Not Running ...

Just some of my thoughts:
1) Check the Win98SE sytem that it is set for 'Client for Microsoft network' and not 'Windows logon'
2) If C:\Windows\%user%.pwl exists on the Win98SE system, delete it. The user will be prompted to confirm the Windows password at the next login. 3) If C:\Windows\%user%.acl exists, delete it. It will be re-created when accessing domain resources.
4) Check your servers for DHCP warning about semaphore timeout. It could be network congestion, NIC problem on the Win98Se system etc.
5) If you are using Cisco switches, disable the spanning-tree protocol.


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by nelsonok In reply to Logon Scripts Not Running ...

1)The client is, in fact, set for 'Client for MS Network' and is authenticated on the Domain every time
2)We just changed p/w's a couple of weeks ago and have already deleted & re-created the .pwl
3)No timeouts noted as of yet; have seen this happen during peak traffic but it's happening during regular traffic hours, as well
4)No Cisco swx's

During testing, it seems that a wait of 2-3 seconds after the logon dialogue box appears the logon script is successful 100% of the time; not sure what would cause that but I have noticed it.

I appreciate the response but I continue to scratch my head over this one....

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