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I am from a small town where IT is not near as demanding as the big city. However, I still believe in security. I have seen businesses in the big city use these devices that are on a keychain that tell the user what their password is at that time. I am not sure what these are called or how to set them up. I will gladly do the research if someone can direct me in what they are called, and maybe where a good place to purchase them are! I have two branch offices that are using a VPN between the offices, and the users are logging in from home also. We want to make sure that the users logging in from home have a little more security. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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by scott_heath In reply to Logon Security

Normally we call it a token and it is part of a 2 factor authentication. When you configure your VPN you can select tokens as one of your authentication protocols. You would need to research the different vendors to see how they integrate into your current system.

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One-Time Password Tokens - ePass OTP Athentication System

by Chinqin In reply to Tokens

Not only two-fator authentication token can do this, but One-Time Password Token. PKI based two-factor authentication technology have to creat a database and management for digital certificates. However OTP is easier to setup and manage. I know a system from Feitian Technologies Co. Ltd. named ePass OTP Authentication System, which involves three components: the ePass OTP token, ePass OTP Authentication Agent and ePass OTP Authentication Server. It supports various VPN and Remote Accessing environments and logon Authentication of various application systems. Here is Feitian's

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