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Long Beep on start-up, windows loads fine.

By luketigers ·
HI, I'm having trouble with my PC on startup, I randomly get a long continuous beep/tone after about 6 seconds after I turn the power on. Windwos loads as normal on my monitor and seems to be unaffected UI wise. If restart the PC it stops for half a second and continues beeping. If I shut down the PC from the power switch it stops and then runs normally without beeping on the next startup.

So I've read a few topics on this and they seem to point out that a PSU or CPU error is likely the cause. My PSU is barely a year old so it seems the least likely problem. SO either the connection to the CPU or the CPU itself might be in trouble. Can anyone shed anymore light on this? Does the fact that my PC runs in the background on the beeping sound mean anything different, or that the sound goes away after a power off/power on?

Appreciate all the help, hoping it's at worst the connection as I'm all out of cash.

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That Beep is a BIOS Beep Code

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Long Beep on start-up, wi ...

And depending on who made the BIOS it varies in what it means.

You can look here for a full explanation of the Different Makers Beep Codes but you will need to read your POST Screen to see who makes the BIOS Award, AMI or Phoenix are the main suppliers but depending on who made your M'Board or who it was made for the Maker could be different. For Instance IBM and Apple have their Own BIOS's so you would have to know what you have to start with.



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Not sure on BIOS award

by luketigers In reply to Long Beep on start-up, wi ...

Yeah, I knew it was a BIOS beep code I just don't know what award I'm under. I use a intel core 2 quad cpu (old) and assume it's AMI. // Windows 7 64bit.

But the AMI codees on the link dont include a long beep. SO idk.

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Well then

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Not sure on BIOS award

Normally 1 long Beep is a RAM issue which could be anything from a Faulty Module to a Timing Mismatch between 2 different Modules.

The way to proceed here is to test the RAM with something like Meatiest on the Ultimate Boot CD ISO available free here


Then burn to a CD and set your BIOS to boot from the Optical Drive before the HDD and Test the RAM.

I would also suggest looking at the Data & Time on the First BIOS Screen to make sure that they are correct because the wrong Date can play havoc with Computers. That quite often happens when the BIOS Battery goes flat and the Real Time Clock looses power.

The Ultimate Boot CD is a full set of Diagnostic Tools to test the Hardware with so if the RAM Passes you can test the remainder of the hardware including the CPU with several different tests.


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