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Long Beeps

By filipofrank ·
I am working on a PC, when it it is booting get to Bios information there is a long beep of sound untile i press Esc it will never stop what could be the problem.

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by carlos.nino In reply to Long Beeps

?What happens when you press ESC.?, ?does it boot?

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by kinneym_98_98_98 In reply to Long Beeps

In my experience the beep means two things.

1. something is not done correctly inside you case i.e.
connections or jumpers. If you've recently done any
work inside the computer I would suggest double
checking to make sure that everything is setup and
plugged in correctly.

2. The computer is checking itself to make sure that it
can run stable, or that everything is connection and set.

My suggestion is that you double check any work that
you have done inside the case. Make sure all jumpers
are set correctly and all power cables are plugged in all
the way, and also that all other cables that must be
plugged in are. I believe I've experienced this before,
as I forgot to plug my hard drive's power cable back into
it. My computer beeped until I shut it off and checked
everything inside of the computer.

Let me know how this works out for you.

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by bigkenny In reply to Long Beeps

go to and you will find your code hope this helps

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by dmiles In reply to Long Beeps

1 Long Beep: Memory problem
Explanation: There is a failure of some sort related to the system memory.
Diagnosis: The first bank of memory probably has a failure of some sort; this is usually just a physical problem such as an incorrectly inserted module, but may also mean a bad memory chip in a module. It is possible that there is a failure related to the motherboard or a system device as well.

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by joenmr In reply to Long Beeps

I agree with dmiles answer. Test the memory slots one by one with a RAM that you know that is working. If you don't get good results the problem is that the motherboard is damaged. The motherboard could become damage due to surges or spikes.

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by donmars In reply to Long Beeps

dmiles is correct you have a memory problem. Make sure memory is properly seated. Swap slots for memory. Check along the edge of the memory stick carefully examine the contacts (pins) for damage (one or two peeling away)

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