Long delay after "send" in Outlook 2003

By pbtoms ·
I have a user here who just developed this over the weekend. When he sends an email, after he composes it and clicks the "Send" button, it just sits there. It was taking up to a minute, then it would finally close the window and the email was sent. After a reboot, it dropped to a 1-3 second delay, but still a bit of a lag (typically it just blinks off when you hit send, sometimes there's a brief delay, but a couple of seconds is odd). He was using GoToMyPC (and it was having connection issues) when it started, but it has continued now that he's back in the office. Nothing else changed. I tried disabling McAfee virus scanning, no change. There's no odd activity in Task Manager when it happens. Any ideas?
It's Outlook 2003 on XP Pro SP2, with an Exchange 2003 server.

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Enable/Disable Cached Exchange Mode

by robo_dev In reply to Long delay after "send" i ...

Assuming that that nothing is messed up like a personal firewall setting or some horrible virus, then 'cached exchange mode' could be either the cause or the cure (cached exchange mode replicates the user's email database locally).

if cached mode is enabled, then I would guess that the local replica is hosed, or it just has to do some cleanup (hence the delay). In this case, disable it. Run checkdisk/defrag and make sure the user isn't low on disk space.

If it's not enabled, then the 'sledgehammer' fix would be to enable it. CEM will make send/receive go much faster all the time since only the changes are sent to/from the mail server.**033.aspx

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Was worth a shot...

by pbtoms In reply to Enable/Disable Cached Ex ...

Tried turning on cached mode, but didn't fix it. Still have a delay. Thanks for the suggestion, though!

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The same issue

by DusMi In reply to Was worth a shot...

Please, did you find fix already? I found the same problem at Outlook 2003 / Exchange.
The delay is growing up by time which Outlook is openned.

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by jules In reply to Long delay after "send" i ...

Just had this very issue and discovered that there was a graphic in the signature that was not so much timing out as hanging for several minutes.

Try send the email again as plain text, then as HTML but remove any footers.

See if that works - did for me and I'm just getting the webdesigner to reboot his server and see if that cures it.



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