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    Long file names


    by kenone ·

    I have a few machines around (W2K) that have old files/profiles on them that I would like to clean up without formatting. The problem is they have a few files with very long file names that I cannot delete. I have tried from DOS using wildcards as well. Is there an easy way to get rid of these? Most appear to be temporary internet files, at least originally. I can’t rename them, and I can’t move or copy them.

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      by kenone ·

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      Few things

      by omegafire ·

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      1) Try a shift + delete
      This will delete the files by bypassing the recycling bin.

      2)If that doesn’t work, network your w2k machine to a XP box and access the files from there. You should be able to delete them this way.


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        by kenone ·

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        The shift/delete didn’t – already tried that but I went in from the server (admin share) and deleted them no problem. Thanks

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          by omegafire ·

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          Glad I could be of help!

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