Long pause when starting Win Explorer

By MorrisNTex ·
This is driving me crazier...
I use WinDOZE explorer a lot! this started about 3 or 4 weeks ago, I was gone for a couple of days and when I get back this behavior starts:
-Go into windows explorer and there is a pause of anywhere from 30 sec. to a full minute,
-Expand any local or mapped drive you get the pause,
-Expand any multi-level folder you get the pause

I have noticed it doesn't happen when I go into "My Documents" and expand multi-level folders there or when I go down into "My network Places" and expand any computer and/or folders there.

CPU usage will go from 2%-3% up to 80% to 100% but network activity stays at a minimum.
This computer is only about 4 months old with XP pro SP3. I've done virus/malware scans with various products and except for a few tracking cookies always come up clean.
Around the time it started I noticed the HP updater downloaded some updates for my printer (the computer is also HP) and also I installed a new Tripp-lite USB hub (have since un-installed it).
Anyone have ideas on what else I can look at or do to troubleshoot this???

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Did you recently get IE8 installed

by Slayer_ In reply to Long pause when starting ...

Cause I had the exact same problems as you, caused by IE8, I deleted it, and the problems went away.

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Yes I did...

by MorrisNTex In reply to Did you recently get IE8 ...

Forgot about that one...
Sometimes it pauses for a "longer than it should" time then the page all of a sudden pops up.

I'll give that a try.

That brings up another question though, will your previous version of IE be there when you uninstall it?

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It was for me

by Slayer_ In reply to Yes I did...

But I just Installed it (not thru Windows update), hated it, then uninstalled it. I got back IE7.

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You're my hero for today!!!

by MorrisNTex In reply to It was for me

Uninstalled it and am back to IE 6.X
That took care of the pause except for when I collapse a directory branch, get a maybe 10 to 15 sec. pause as the screen refreshes.

Noticed my computer also boots up faster now too, didn't even realize that the boot time had also been longer!

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Yes no problem, IE7 is still downloadable

by Slayer_ In reply to You're my hero for today! ...

If you hunt it down...

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have you tried

by eM DuBYaH In reply to Long pause when starting ...

removing all of the peripherals from the computer? what process(es) are burying the CPU?

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I've shut down

by MorrisNTex In reply to have you tried

pretty much every extraneous process and CPU utilization still jumps up to 80+ percent.
I've gone into all my startup points and disabled so much as to nearly have a fresh install like state (I know there is more like drivers, etc.. that it could be tied to).

I'm suspecting the IE8 thing as previously mentioned and if I get time this afternoon I may try that.

I haven't tried uninstalling my printer yet, but if the IE8 thing doesn't do it that may be my next step.

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Do you have any

by IC-IT In reply to Long pause when starting ...

Mapped drives that are no longer valid?
This can cause a serious delay for Explorer or when doing a Saveas.

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Did when I first noticed the problem

by MorrisNTex In reply to Do you have any

But I disconnected thinking that would clear it up. Unfortunately it didn't help.
It was my previous computer, I had mapped to a couple of partitions there so I could copy a lot of data (my MP3 collection mostly ;-) ) over to this computer, and at the time the problem started I wasn't booting it up every day (am now for other reasons).

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