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Long Term Unemployment

By RJS183 ·
I am a highly experienced IT professional with diverse applications. Is it possible to get my career in IT back on track after being unemployed for 3 years?

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by john.a.wills In reply to Long Term Unemployment

Yes, I was unemployed 68 months once and 18 months a while later, but I think I am on track - at any rate I have a lucrative job in I.T. Never give up making applications; try to get into a job club or similar. And hope for good luck, which I had on a couple of occasions, even if unrecognized at the time.

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by BFilmFan In reply to Long Term Unemployment

I think the best policy is to simply answer the question if asked about the period. Othewise, don't worry about it.

Just as a note, government security folks will be major paranoid if you were unemployed and taking trips out of the country....

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by BR-549 In reply to Long Term Unemployment

Yes, but you might change it slightly. Instead of trying to get caught up on the latest trends research Sarbanes-Oxley jobs. Your experience allows you to design, document, and test IT Controls rather than performing the work yourself. You don't have to up on the latest developments to assess an IT Control. There is high demand in this field right now.

I have worked with many people on IT SOX engagmeents and none of them had an IT Audit background.

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by RJS183 In reply to Long Term Unemployment

Does anyone know the existance of job clubs or how to find one??

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by rtbiz93 In reply to Long Term Unemployment

Why not? Have confidence in yourself you can do it!!! I wish I had gone into computers instead of "people". I am a registered nurse on the weekends and dable on the internet during the week. If you are looking for something different, yet interesting visit our click "financial freedom" You never know what will happen.

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by j.lupo In reply to Long Term Unemployment

Hi, I thought I answered your question about a week ago, but it looks like it didn't appear. At any rate, when I was unemployed I found it extremely useful to network through several organizations that I belong to. IEEE Computer Society happens to have a local chapter in my area and that helped. The other thing is the unemployment office may have a job club. I know the New Jersey unemployment has them for different areas - Cherry Hill, Marlton, etc.

Try several different professional organizations, they may be able to help you network. That is the key at this point. You need to network with people to find the open positions for your skills.

Good Luck. I hope my information helps

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by DC_GUY In reply to Long Term Unemployment

Your biggest problem is the fact that the entire body of knowledge in IT turns over every five years so 60% of what you knew is obsolete. I might not even reply to your application.

You need to defuse this issue in your cover letter. Stress the abilities and perspective you have, or the ways in which you have kept up with new developements, that make the lapse less troublesome.

What do you have to offer me that compensates for your absence from the profession? I've got twenty other applicants for this job.

Your second biggest problem is me wondering about the reason you were gone for so long. These days even a full year of unemployment can be nothing more than bad luck. But three years? I don't want to give you a job and then have you decide, again, that you don't want it.

If you got tired of working and took a trip around the world, it's nice to be so in touch with yourself and your own needs, but I want someone who will stay.

If you started your own business in another field in which you have expertise, that shows ambition and dedication, traits that we admire.

If you got a job in another field, well, I would interpret that as telling me that you're as smart as I am. You don't think there's a big future in IT, so the next chance you get you might bail out again. I don't hold that against you and in general I like my subordinates to be as smart as I am so I have less work to do. But regarding this particular bit of astuteness, I'd rather hire someone who is a little dumber and will stay with me at least until I retire in nine years. ^_^

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by DC_GUY In reply to

Gabriela asks how to cover two years. Personally, I'm looking for honest answers because I value honesty very highly in my staff. As I said originally, three years is an extraordinarily long period of unemployment. I'd like to know why you haven't been able to find a job in all that time. My instincts tell me you have a problem you haven't told me about. Were you in jail? Drunk? Royally depressed? As you see, the reasons I can imagine are probably worse than the real one, so it's to your advantage to tell me the truth. Don't make up something like "training". I'll press you for details, you'll **** your cover in a minute and a half, and I'll never forgive you for the lie.

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by gabriela2 In reply to Long Term Unemployment

DC_GUY's anwer is a honest view. I am feed up with cliche like: don't give up, keep going, you never know...Things like luck never sticks on me.
It is interesting his answer because it gives us a view of how they think, the other side, and they are right. But how to cover 2 years? Training would be a solution?

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