Long time booting up

By yella ·
I installed a new asus motherboard and new 160g drive on my desktop, I left the old drives in the machine but installed a new version of XP on the new drive and made it the boot drive. Nothing else was changed. My desktop now takes between 3 and 5 minutes to get from the bios info screen (instant) to the XP loading screen, after that the computer runs normally at a good speed. How can I track down what is making the boot process take so long. The shop where they replaced the motherboard and new drive were of no help after looking at the physical configuration.

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by Norehca In reply to Long time booting up

Sounds like something to do with the BIOS to me. Either update (flash) new BIOS or try resetting the CMOS. Thats all i can think of.

To clear the CMOS there should be a jumper next to the battery on your mobo. There should be 3 prongs and 2 should be closed. simply switch the cap over to the 2nd and 3rd prongs after unplugging the power cord from the psu of course. leave it for about 10 seconds then switch it back to the 1st and 2nd prongs.

If this doesnt work try updating your BIOS by going to your mobo makers site. Look up your mobo and its easy from there. There should be 2 files you copy to a bootable floppy. The BIOS Flash program and the BIOS file your flashing usually a rom file. They should provide you with the instructions.

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