Long time issue

By Winnie The Pooh ·
Here's the scoop:

System reboots rather than shutting down.
At the end of the shutdown cycle, power clicks off and then clicks right back on and the drives spin up.
If I boot to Safe Mode, it USUALLY will shut down (sometimes takes a few tries).
For now, I added a line to the boot options screen for Safe Mode to make it easier.

Before I dig into this mess, I was hoping for some ideas and direction. Thanks in advance!

So far, the only things I've tried are:
Setting it to clear the swap file on exit.
Checked BIOS - set to not restart on error, no wake on USB, and return state to Stay Off.

XP Pro SP2 with all the updates.
Intel MoBo, 3.4ghz., 2gb RAM, 2X SATA HDD RAID0, one EIDE HD, SATA DVD-RW, IDE DVD/CD, SCSI flatbed scanner and CDR, ATI All-In-Wonder, SoundBlaster Live, Dual monitors, digital speakers, 2 Printers (one USB, one parallel), serial port writing pad, USB MS mouse, PS2 MS mouse, PS2 MS keyboard, MS USB web cam, connected to cable modem via router, internal voice modem, APC USB UPS.

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Here's where I'd start

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Long time issue

Whew! Youse gots lots o' stuff!
Disconnect all your many peripherals and try it then. If that works, start reconnecting the USB connections one at a time with shut downs in-between.
I've seen situations where just plugging a particular USB device into a different port fixed a similar issue.

Good Luck.

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Perhaps you can help ME

by CaptBilly1Eye In reply to Here's where I'd start

You mentioned that you are using a All-In-Wonder.
I have a 9600XT All-In-Wonder and I haven't updated to the latest drivers that were released last month (7.5). I'm still on 7.2. Have you updated? and, if so, is the hassle worth it? any improvements?
I've always believed 'if it ain't broke, don't fix it.' But, was just wondering.

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by Winnie The Pooh In reply to Here's where I'd start

As it turned out, I moved a USB video cam from a front port to a rear port. The front port was one of four coming from an expansion card that plugged into a PCI slot.
That did it.

I have the All-In-Wonder 2006 and haven't updated to a newer drivers since I originally installed it. sorry. I am with you in that I usually don't update unless there is a problem or if I read some big advantages in the release notes for that new driver.

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Just a note

by Winnie The Pooh In reply to Long time issue

Issue came back again.
This time it was fixed by uninstalling and reinstalling USB drivers.

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