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Longhorn plans include significant restrictions for usage of iPods, USBs

By Beth Blakely ·
The next version of Windows? code-named Longhorn?will make it easier for your boss to block the use of your iPod and similar peripherals, according to The reason for Longhorn's planned smack down on the portable storage devices is security, as some fear that they can be used to quickly copy confidential data or launch malicious software on corporate networks. Are portable storage devices a significant security concern in your organization?

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Remove <> from pasted URL

by TheChas In reply to Longhorn plans include si ...

Just a note, when I clicked on the URL, I got a 404 error.

I then copied and pasted the URL without the <> and it works.

As far as blocking portable storage devices, it is necessary for a number of organizations.

For HIPPA compliance, one would want to block the use of unauthorized storage devices.

I-Pods and other music players in the work place can put companies at risk if users either store their music collections on company drives, or use the company network to download and share files from P2P networks.

Then, there is the potential for corporate espionage on computers used by engineers, programmers and marketing.


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