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    Longhorn VS Cyber Crime


    by scottieoo ·

    With the added security features in windows and especially with the upcoming release of Longhorn, my question is will Microsoft work with federal police agencies around the world who fight cyber crime? Although these security features are better for the average user, they also protect criminal activity. Criminals are more likely to be able to manipulate the new security features and use them as a tool for their unlawful activity.

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      by jdclyde ·

      In reply to Longhorn VS Cyber Crime

      They already put backdoors in All Windows products that law enforcement can use to come right in.

      This is standard as even AV vendors have chosen to NOT reveal the presence of Carnavour.

      My big problem with this, like a pet door. If you have one for you dog or cat, sooner or later a rat will come through.

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