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Lookin for idiots.

By LordInfidel ·
After a couple of years in the IT buis, you start to hear strange and idiotic comments from a plethera of people.

Some comments have made me laugh. Others have pissed me off. While, others have just made me cry and weep in utter dis-belief.

Iwas hoping for this holiday season, if all of you would like to share some of your idiotic statement stories.

For me, I think one of my all time favorites was from a stranger who asked me what I do for a living. After I tried to painstakingly explain to this gentleman my job, after all sometimes I have problems explaining it to myself, he then proceeded to state.

In a drop dead serious statement as if this was the 8th wonder of the world;

"So, you have the internet?"

I was not surehow to react to that statement, Although in my head my reply went something like this:

Yes sir, I do. It's all mine, I own it and I'm not giving it up.

I would of have felt too bad for being mean. It must have been the day that the little ray of light decided to show it's head from the black pit that I call my soul.

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you own the internet?

by cul8rm8e In reply to Lookin for idiots.

then maybe i can have a contact number for one of my recent customers who has been trying for some time for an answer to his what he thought a very serious question,(can you tell me who the best person in your office would be to speak to about the internet, i see that you have advertised that all your pc`s are internet ready but i would like to just buy the pc on its own as im sure with all the contacts i have i would be able to buy my own internet a bit cheaper ( I NEARLY HAD HEART ATTACK):) trying VERY hard i explained in simple detail that the advert for internet pc`s really meant that when you buy a pc you can connect to any isp of your choice, baring in mind that there may be a charge for their services, as the hardware needed for internet use was already preinstalled and (internet ready)he looked at me a bit bemused and said , I thought all i had to do was buy a pc, buy an internet and thats me up and running but what the **** is it going to cost me for an isp and where do you connect it to? well what would you do in this sitution? your so wright, i asked the manager to have a word! what happened? he bought a laptop and was never seen again. (just wonder sinse this has been a few months now,does this guy ever think about the time he wanted to buy an internet? if your out there mate get in touch.

cul8rm8 god bless! :)

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Actually I sold it shortly after...

by LordInfidel In reply to you own the internet?

I sold it to AOL for a bag of fries, a case of Jolt and some UT mods.

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reminds me of...

by roz.clarke In reply to Actually I sold it shortl ...

A certain PC manufacturer which is advertising machines in the UK at the moment which will provide 'faster internet'.

Thought about buying one just so I could lodge a complaint when the internet doesn't go any faster... lol

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So it was you!

by NickNielsen In reply to Actually I sold it shortl ...

AOL is your fault?

It could be could have sold the car to AOL.

Can you imagine?

"Welcome to your car!"

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AOL and the Automobile

by Jellimonsta In reply to So it was you!

I can just imagine it now. Turn on your ignition system and 3/4 of the time you get a busy signal. When it eventually does respond it would procliam in that all too anoying female voice "Youv'e got gas!". Besides that fact, I though Al Gore owned the internet?... I could be wrong?!?! :)

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Al invented the net.

by LordInfidel In reply to AOL and the Automobile

I won it from him when he sold his soul to me when he decided to become a politician.

If anyone else is thinking of becoming a politian, please don't. I am overstocked in the politician soul area.

I need more dentists though. I'm running short.

SysAdmins are by application only and there is a waiting list.

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And don't drive too long...

by NickNielsen In reply to AOL and the Automobile

...or you may find yourself shut down in the middle of the road!

Give whole new meaning to the word "crash" doesn't it?

Drive well and surf quickly.

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Stock Options

by Derrellb In reply to And don't drive too long. ...

So what are the Stock Options? I want to own some of "THE INTERNET" all to myself. How can I get some Shares??

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Too late ...

by SJWalter In reply to So it was you!

They've already done that:

"Welcome to OnStar ..."

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by NickNielsen In reply to Too late ...

But at least it's a _live_ voice...

Thank God for Vee-dub!

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