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    Looking addresses in Outlook 2002


    by ongkl ·

    It used to be easy looking up the address book of Outlook 2000. I could search for a contact by display name or partial description in the e-mail address, comments etc.

    Since I have upgraded to Outlook 2002, all the above search options are no longer available except the search in the display name.

    Can I get the search options back in the new Outlook? Please assist, thank you

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      Reply To: Looking addresses in Outlook 2002

      by dklippert ·

      In reply to Looking addresses in Outlook 2002

      Click on Options at the right side and choose advanced Find.
      The Help file says you can:
      “…enter a partial name, such as Judy L, a first or last name, an e-mail alias, display as name, and company name. To quickly open a contact you previously searched for, click the Find a contact arrow and select a name. “

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