Looking at PointSec Encrypted data

By wahlheim ·
I have PointSec encrypted data scanned in from a workstation and residing on a network Share. How do I allow other users to access this share and look at the files in the data?

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by IC-IT In reply to Looking at PointSec Encry ...

Once a file is accessed on a Pointsec machine, by an authorized user, the file itself is no longer encrypted. So unless you used a sector editor to grap raw sectors of data, there should be no issue.

You apply normal share permissions to the folder and all will be normal.

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Point Sec file viewing

by wahlheim In reply to Huh??

Users must use Entrust to view the Point Sec encrypted files on the network share. Unfortunately, Entrust shows only the big, scanned file. There is no way to search within the Pointsec file to find exactly what you want to look at. You have to open the file and scroll through tens, or hundreds of individual files to find what you want. I need something that will allow searching within the PointSec encrypted file, or open up the encrypted file showing the individual files. Does that make sense?

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RE: How do I allow other users to access this share and look at the file

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Looking at PointSec Encry ...

You need to save this data to the Network Share unencrypted or you need to install the PointSec Encryption Program and Encryption Key to every computer that you want to have access to this data.


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PointSec Viewing

by wahlheim In reply to RE: [i]How do I allow oth ...

Yea, I am not really sure why they picked the Entrust application to view the files. Maybe some kind of two factor authentication was required to view PII data. I will look into your suggestion though, thanks.

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