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Looking for a cheap but reliable network attached storage solution

By RexWorld ·
I'm looking to buy a cheap (under $200 if possible) network-attached storage solution for home. It has to be compatible with Windows and Mac, ideally includes a wireless LAN adapter but I can do wired if needed.

Anybody out there have recommendations for a particular vendor? Or warnings against a vendor's products?

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by Choppit In reply to Looking for a cheap but r ...

I've never used it myself, but take a look at;

If you've got a spare 486 or better PC with a NIC you'll still have $200 to spend on storage.

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by RexWorld In reply to Naslite

Thanks I'll take a look at that. Might be an option for what I need.

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by tom In reply to Thanks

Check out the Permastor at We their Officestor product to reliabily backup dental offices. It's a neat little storage unit.


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linksys nslu2 plus usb drive?

by rodkey In reply to Permastor

I've put a Linksys NSLU2 plus a 80G USB 2.0 drive
in my house as a poor man's NAS: $75 for the NSLU2,
$50 for the external 80G USB drive from compUSA on sale. It's worked reliably, but it's no speed demon. Good for my purposes -perhaps yours as well.


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by gforce44 In reply to linksys nslu2 plus usb dr ...

Yes, I've heard this is a great and inexpensive product to use for NAS.

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