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    Looking for a company that wants to recycle old equipment


    by tig2 ·

    I am working with my partner on helping a local food shelf that needs to be able to manage inventory. He was a application architect before he retired so he’s writing the software for this effort. When completed, we will be making the software free to non-profits that are making a food shelf effort.

    Here’s the thing for now. I know we have had discussions on disposing of equipment that has been recycled out of IT environments and the COST factor that it is. I’m trying to find three computers for a non profit to facilitate computerizing their inventory system and would love to make a tax break available. It seems like we are rarely able to hook efforts like this together- give the tax break to the business that can use it as well as the cost avoidance in paying for disposal of usable but older machines and get those machines into the hands of the non profits that need them.

    Mostly, I am interested in how you would solve this problem. But if you are looking to discard some hardware… my PM works.

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      by charliespencer ·

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      by jaqui ·

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      check their website for a local group.
      they take donated systems and do a nuke of hd [ eban, the Enterprise rated dban ]
      then they install that malicious distro Ubuntu.

      they do sell the refurbished systems, or you can do 20 hours volunteer and get a computer free.

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        Perfect, Jaqui!

        by tig2 ·

        In reply to Tig

        It seemed like someone must have considered this and created a solution!

        It bugs me that- especially smaller companies that would use the tax break- there aren’t more ways that people can recycle old but usable equipment. With all the emphasis on “going green” I would think that recycling computers would be more prevalent than it seems to be.

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