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Looking for a good book on SQL...

By scmgithd ·
This is an elementary question, but we have MSDE 2000, which I understand is a "crippled" version of SQL. Would a SQL book still be helpful? Any opinions on good books? Our software vendor is offering a seminar on using MSDE with Great Plains but I'm annoyed at them after their last user group and would rather just find a good book.

I have no experience with SQL and very little with the Windows 2003 server.

Any advice would be great. Thanks!

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This one's not bad for starters

by Oz_Media In reply to Looking for a good book o ...

A link not a book;


W3Schools is usually a prety good place to get the straight goods,

There are quite a few FREE online tutorials and resources that are really good if you do a simple search.

Good luck

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Those are great sites...

by scmgithd In reply to This one's not bad for st ...

I guess I kept searching for "training" or "book" and didn't come up with anything that made a lot of sense. I'll spend some time on these sites and I should at least get the basics (which is all I really need).

Thanks for the help!

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Not exactly a book but a good resource

by SNK11 In reply to This one's not bad for st ...

You my find this useful; specially if you are interested in building database applications using either of the languages or Java:

And before I buy any book, I would actually try sampling a few eBooks which are available for free download.

Shahriar Nour Khondokar:

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MSDE documentation

by MirrorMirror In reply to Looking for a good book o ...

Here is the link for the MSDE docuementation from Microsoft. MSDE is not a crippled verson but it does have some limitations. You have to know the SQL DBCC commands and regular SQL to query from it but otherwise it is a good free product. If you have Enterprise Manager, you can register a MSDE instance and can manage it with EM. All of the SQL books will be devoted to full blown SQL Server with a GUI or at least ISQL that I know of. Good luck in your search.

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Thanks for the info but where is the link?

by scmgithd In reply to MSDE documentation

I'm feeling like a complete moron right now. LOL I'm new to the site...did I miss the link? I've tried searching the microsoft site but didn't come up with much. I guess I need to refine my searching skills

Thanks again!

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by ahar In reply to Looking for a good book o ...

Get the current Version of the M$ SQL-Server Online-Documentation. BTW there is a new ServicePack for the SQL-Server and also for the MSDE

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Thanks...I'll have to check on the service pack!

by scmgithd In reply to
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Book on SQL

by Ekammas In reply to Looking for a good book o ...

Hi, if your are seaching for books on Sql, you don't need to search far; try

They have in stock books for both novices and experts at very affordable prices.

And a large rang in stock too. I had the same problem with .NET technologies. I got all my materials to help me in developing .Net applications from there.

'hope this helps.

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I tried Amazon but couldn't decide...

by scmgithd In reply to Book on SQL

I don't want to get into programming, don't need to set it up, just wanted to know how to query, basic troubleshooting, etc.

Oz gave me a couple good sites that I think will suffice. Thanks for your help!

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Sites as per SQL

by Ekammas In reply to I tried Amazon but couldn ...

OK, it's good you've gotten some kind of help. I'm only just a started. What sites did Oz suggest? Perhaps it will help me advance in my level of SQL knowledge.


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