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    Looking for a good CGI (VB) script


    by jcmiller ·

    ok, I’m new to Web development (another one of those darn collateral duties, gota love them)
    any way I’ve figured out how to build web pages, even figured out how to build forms. Now I need a CGI script to get my data E-Mailed. I’ve found a few perl scipts, but we dont have perl on our servers, and have yet to find a VB script. I have tried using mailto in the /form action but I dont like the way it works. any help or pointing in the right direction would be appriciated.

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      by rawright ·

      In reply to Looking for a good CGI (VB) script

      I know the feeling… as a network admin I’ve been tasked with some very strange jobs, including having to become the de facto webmaster. Since you’re mixing scripts with HTML I assume you’re familiar with ASP and have the server extensions installed. Check out CDO for Windows 2000 at on the MSDN website. It’s built in to Win2K and free for use. Alternatively you can use a packaged solution called ASPEmail from It, too, is free, but has to be installed on your server.

      It takes a bit of practice, but it’s not at all hard to learn. And since you’re probably going to be stuck doing this stuff for a while, check out for free tutorials on web-related technologies. You might also want the book ‘Beginning Active Server Pages 3.0’ from Wrox Press. It’s an invaluable book for ASP programming.

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