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looking for a good spam filter

By greg_ross_sr ·
anyone know of any good enterprise spam filters where the user license is less than $1 per user, per month?


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Try Symantec Antivirus

by membership In reply to looking for a good spam f ...

We are looking at Brightmail, but it is very expensive. I want to say it was close to 2 or 3 dollars per user per month. As an alternate, we use Symantec Antivirus on the desktop and the SAV for Exchange. A third product included in the suite that we have not implemented is the SAV for SMTP servers. I have seen the SAV for Exchange, and there are many SPAM options including connection to a RBL. There are supposed to be similar options in SAV for SMTP. Depending on your antivirus, this may get you in the price range you are looking for. Of course, it needs to do what you need it to do as well.

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Spam filters

by afram In reply to Try Symantec Antivirus

Symantec's Mail Security for Exchange works well.

Also we use Sunbelt Software's IHATESPAM. There is a client version for ~$18 a year/user and a server version for a bit more than that.

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thanks for the suggestions

by greg_ross_sr In reply to Spam filters
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Try Postini, not sure about cost

One of the things we've found is that if you are using an SMTP gateway, SAV for Exchange, etc. your servers still have to handle all that traffic.
We use Postini to filter out junk mail before it gets to our SMTP gateway. It will also bounce any destinations that aren't an actual address (from a harvest or spam attack) before they get to our network.
I'm not sure what we paid for it, but it has gotten rid of the SPAM and works very well in our enterprise.

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Zero Cost

by Choppit In reply to looking for a good spam f ...

I'm not sure what kind of volume you're talking but take a look at ASSP (

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by seanh In reply to looking for a good spam f ...

Not sure what you are using for email but we have groupwise and are running Guinevere integrated with SpamAssassin. There are a number of open source solutions that will sit in front of your email server and just relay mail--Spam Assassin will do this,

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by apotheon In reply to SpamAssassin

SpamAssassin is basically the best anti-spam solution on the market, and it's an open source project to boot in case being the best isn't good enough. You'll have to experiment with which lists to use to best suit your needs, of course, but it's quite easy to use, by all accounts.

I haven't personally run SpamAssassin myself, but I've been on the "end user" end of SpamAssassin quite a lot, as well as several other popular alternatives. I see far more problems cropping up in environments using other solutions than SpamAssassin, and everyone I know who has used a number of different solutions always ends up deciding SpamAssassin is the best available.

As for Symantec solutions . . . I wouldn't trust 'em for anything, these days. Symantec products used to be acceptable, but since they've become more and more a market dominance company, and less and less a company devoted to quality software, their "products" have greatly suffered. Aside from that, Symantec has been involved in a number of shady dealings over the last few years, including bidding for contracts to service the People's Republic of China national firewall, and as a result I don't feel particularly induced to support them financially.

Sadly, in terms of direct advice about the comparative technical aspects of various anti-spam solutions, everything I've got to offer is second-hand. I wish I could offer more first-hand experience in the matter.

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We use SpamAssassin and Guinevere

by Hardware Queen In reply to SpamAssassin

We're quite pleased with them. We have a Windows XP machine that scans the incoming and outgoing email for both viruses and spam. It catches *most* of the spam. The people in our organization who are still receiving a lot of spam haven't made the connection between their Internet habits and the amount of UCE they get.

We are due for an upgrade in both programs and should see a reduction in spam due to the smarter filtering.

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We used Melissa once..............

by dafe2 In reply to looking for a good spam f ...

Just kidding.....

We use Barracuda & have been happy with the results.

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by emailexpert In reply to looking for a good spam f ...

Hi Greg,
You have a choice to make, most of the suggestions involve you doing alot of management of the software and rules. So the spamassassin idea is good but you'd have to look after it, you could add the spamhaus rbl's and you'd probably be able to deal with the majority of spam traffic without too much trouble. However if you just want the job done shop around for one of the filtering services and keep the traffic off your network. I'd suggest The Email Laundry or if you need to go cheaper go Postini but you will have the usual Google customer service standars then.

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