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Looking for a Java api/library like mail merge

By harke123 ·
Hi all,

(P.S.: I didn't know where to put this question, so I wrote it here. Sorry, if this is the wrong place.)

Could someone direct me to a JAVA api/library that has similar functionality like a mail merge?

I want to use this api to do something like the MS Word mail merge through my program. The user program will send the data and the x,y co-ordinates ( this can be any number of time) where the data is to be displayed in the final printed document. The api should output a text buffer (string buffer), which my program can use to print on a form. Also, the user program needs to be able to set the header and footer (both optional), but only once, and the api should be able to add them to the text buffer as needed so that when the content in the text buffer is printed, all the pages will have a header and a footer. Contents (data and its co-ordinates) of both the header and footer should be given as inputs to the api. The api should automatically know whether to add the data to the next page.

I don't need an api that does all of the above, although that would be great . Just some would be good too, as I will be customizing them.

I am working for my college's office department. And they want a program from me which does batch printing. They want it to be done automatically. The data is stored in the database. My program needs to get the data from the database and create a text buffer and and print content. The print paper is actually a form and the data needs to be printed on this form at the correct positions. My prof. suggested me to use a third party api to speed up the development. The api/library can be commercial (I am not paying for it anyways).

I have not yet found an api that fulfills my need.


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