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Looking for a K7S5A Motherboard Expert

By cglrcng ·
I have a list of questions about what I can do with a ECSUSA K7S5A Mobo and what my options are and will make it fairly short and sweet like a few e-mails then I'll award generous points and lots of thank you's to the party that will help.

Just trying to put some options together for a customer (poor lady had a break-in and lost all the puter stuff in the house), and choose the best route to take for this pile of parts I have right now.

Decent older case w/ slide out mobo tray, plenty of room for drives, and plenty of cooling and decent PS. Currently Win ME is installed, and that is fine as I know how to trim, patch, and secure Win ME so it actually works decently (cough).

Customer is satisfied w/ the OS for the time being until I finish building her new toy then this one will go to her son to play older games on, word process & some mild surfing.

Currently has an ECSUSA K7S5A Ver. 1.0 Mobo w/ the following BIOS string flashed;

The installed CPU shows as an old 100 Mhz AMD Duron in the boot info, but Belarc Advisor shows it as a 1000 Mhz AMD Duron 128 Kb primary/64 Kb secondary cache (will find out what CPU is actually installed, but it acts like 1000 Mhz speedwise). Currently only 96 MB of SDRAM installed, but I can step up to DDR in the other 2 slots, HD will be increased from the current 2.15 GB to 40-60GB.

I don't really know which BIOS file to choose from the very long list of AMI BIOS files avail., It appears that I can step way up w/ the CPU (Athlon XP 2400+ & 2600+?), but I wish to confirm that is actually possible first...Ergo why I am asking for help from someone much more knowledgable on the board in question.

Anyone willing to give me a hand that really knows the possibilities on this mobo info wise please just e-mail me and I'll submit a list of questions? Normally I'd just flash the latest but not sure in this case.

Thanks in advance.


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by yornthadude In reply to Looking for a K7S5A Mothe ...

Ive never seen such a retarted question...
sooooo much useless information! bet u robbed some old lady and are now trying 2 figure out wots the treasure ;P

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by cglrcng In reply to

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by cglrcng In reply to Looking for a K7S5A Mothe ...

It is a 1000 MHZ AMD Duron ESCD finally updated correctly. I think I'll reject the first response though. Thank's anyway.

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by rindi1 In reply to Looking for a K7S5A Mothe ...

First of all, durons never went as low as 100MHz (I think they started with something around 800MHz). It is always best to iunstall the newest bios for the board.
Question, what is the PC eventually going to be used for?

If it is to be used for general office work and websurfing, a 1 GHz Duron will be more than enough). A duron has approx the same power as a corresponding intel celeron, probably it is a little better, because the cache is larger. As you can see on the ECS page, if you want to use an athlon 2600+, you will need to get one built in 0.13u technology, the others would probably get too hot. If you are going to use WindowsXP, chuck out the ram and get 512 MB DDR Ram (You can't mix the current ram with DDR. If you are staying with something like me 96MB should suffice.

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by cglrcng In reply to

Thanx Mark, pretty much answered all my questions and I knew that RAM mix can't happen, justwasn't sure about the BIOS file for sure. Going w/ the latest version.

Thanx again.


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by cglrcng In reply to Looking for a K7S5A Mothe ...

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by cglrcng In reply to Looking for a K7S5A Mothe ...

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