Looking for a new anti-virus software

By mclydon ·
Would like to know what is one of the best anti-virus software for my desktop that does not cost a fortune.

Thank you.

Mary C. Lydon

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take your pick of any of these free versions

by PurpleSkys In reply to Looking for a new anti-vi ...
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Top Security Suites

by dmiles In reply to Looking for a new anti-vi ...

PC World just did an article in there March Issue for Top Security Suite
1) F-Secure expensive
2) Norton Internet Security
3) Trend Micro Titanium
4) Bit Defender
5) Kaspersky
Others listed not in order were McAfee and AVG

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Comodo Internet Security

by SabrinaS-e160e In reply to Looking for a new anti-vi ...

I would suggest you to go with Comodo Internet Security! This has many features enabled in a single software, For details about it you can visit here ..

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Looking for a new anti-virus software

by entropypawsed In reply to Looking for a new anti-vi ...

If you are using Windows, virtually any version, then Microsoft Security Essentials is the way to go. It is free, easy on system resources, and quite good!

If you are using Linux, then you probably do not need anything:-)

Good Luck

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Reponse To Answer

by robo_dev In reply to Looking for a new anti-vi ...

A lot depends on the user. If the user 'behaves' then Microsoft Security Essentials works well...I use that on lots of PCs and have had good luck with it. Works without breaking, and uses little processing power.

If the user is, to be polite, not so well behaved, then you need the whole big security suite.

The major difference is that a 'suite' typically will have a personal firewall. This is critical to catch the occasional virus or malware that is undetected by a a signature-based scanner. Windows firewall does not block outgoing traffic, but a a third-party personal firewall product when a virus tries to 'phone-home' the personal firewall should alert you.

Suites tend to have all sorts of other features, such as anti-phishing, anti-malware...some even do content filtering.

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Microsoft Security Essentials

by Alec Lerg In reply to Looking for a new anti-vi ...

I am using Microsoft Security Essentials along with Spybot Search and Destroy, both are free and you can download them from You can also find other options there and useful software you may want to use.
SSD is a spyware remover, so don't worry about having two antivirus running on the PC, because SSD is not.

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Trend Micro Worry Free Business Security

by ramonramirezg In reply to Looking for a new anti-vi ...

I like pretty much Trend Micro Titanium, been with Trend Micro for as long as 8 years and always detected malware and stuff...

you can try with free solutions like Security Essentials and recently, I??ve tried Fortinet Lite which was a surprise since I never imagined that it could work as nice it is working for me right now.

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Another vote for comodo

by Madsmaddad In reply to Looking for a new anti-vi ...

My Vipre AV is just expiring, and they want

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Yeah, but ...

Easy to use, nice and light on resources, works for me ...

All nice, but how can we know whether they do the job? It's like buying car insurance ... we all look for the lowest price, but it's only when we come to claim that we find out what we really bought. Ditto backing up your data ... it's only when you try to restore that you find out whether you've been wasting your time.

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by sarahmsarah In reply to Looking for a new anti-vi ...

I recommend you try Unthreat Antivirus, it's surprisingly light on the system and seems to find all the threats on my computer without slowing it down. It's a free antivirus and doesn't have any of those annoying popups.

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