Looking for a recommendation about Linux

By sdailey3 ·
The company I work for was getting rid of an old computer (64mb RAM). It works fine so I took it home with the idea of installing Linux on it. I figure Linux will work with the small amount of RAM simply because it does not have all the overhead of Windows.

Now I have absolutely zero experience with Linux, but I would like to learn the OS. My question is can Ireceive some recommendations on what version to install. Thanks.

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I have recently begun using Linux...

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Looking for a recommendat ...

on an older laptop. I have found that Fedora Core 6 and Linux Mint 2.2 install easily, find all my hardware and (with the exception of the WinModem) put it right to work.

I use Ubuntu 7.10 on my desktop - though my desktop is newer. It also installed easily and put everything right to work with no trouble.

Several members around here recommend PCLinuxOS for similar reasons, but I have no experience with it as yet.


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Go Live and test them all

by seanferd In reply to Looking for a recommendat ...
You can download and burn many distros to CD. Then you can boot and run right off the CD without touching the hard drive. They may be slow running off CD with only 64Mb RAM, but you could always try them on a different system. You might like to try Knoppix or Damn Small Linux first, if you can't find another system to run the CDs on. Remember, if you install and don't like it, you can always try another, but there is no real need to install to try Linux, if you can boot from CD.

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My personal choices would be

by w2ktechman In reply to Looking for a recommendat ...

SUSE for a full version (however it is bloated and likely would not run well)

PCLinuxOS -- small & fast -- good starter

PCBSD -- Not linux, but BSD with the KDE desktop and a simple installer. It just keeps getting better. Small as well, nice distro (based on freeBSD)

As for learning I thought that was a great site to get used to some commands.

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