Looking for a software or web builder to make a database/index

By bmkennel0 ·
Hello! Thank you to any and all who read this. I am a complete amateur but I am happy to explore any avenue. I am looking for preferably, a program that can serve as a database or index. I realize that they are for games, but to be honest the best exampels of what I am looking to create are the websites :

What I am really looking for is a couple of key features:

- Tons of space/pages to make

- the ability to access other pages through links or other method like the websites above

-being easy to share and edit is a plus, but I understand it can be difficult sometimes.

- free is another big plus, but I find that can be rare too

If you all have any suggestions especially for software I would appreciate it! I'll understand that if my only option is website building, and if it is, would you be so kind as to show me how I can get started with such a big endeavor.

Thank you all again for reading this! Cheers!
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Google Firebase

by ekanshgupta0202 In reply to Looking for a software or ...

I personally use Google Firebase in Javascript programming and have a good experience. Would recommend it to you. It's free.

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a software or web builder to make a database/index

To build a modern web site, you need to develop a database application. PHP is an open source project of the Apache Software Foundation and it's the most .
When developing a database you need a clear idea of how your values will interrelate. Diagramming tools allow for visual editing, not just for designing new databases but also for reverse engineering imported databases.

Additionally, you need to be able to test queries and code execution, to ensure that your data values work as expected, and that there are no problems calling up and using that data. Reporting can provide insights into how your database works, and allows you to look for ways to improve efficiency.

While it used to be the case that you would need to set up your own server for building and testing, the advent of cloud services and cloud-hosted software means a lot of database tools now provide a ready-made environment for you to work in, making the process simpler and easier.

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