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Looking for a solution

By madcoder2001 ·
I am environmental professional who does programming on the small projects we get occasionally. The current project that I am working on is for internal use. Our company has a library of reference material and we want to better organize our filingsystem. My thought was to use XML and build an windows app using C#. I am a novice to both of these technologies but my main reason to use them is because I think it would be fun.

The main task that I have to develop is to return results of a keyword search. The reference material will have this structure:
Publication Name

By searching the Description field the system would return a result set containing all the elements of each reference material.

Being a newbie I have started the learning process. From what I understand xpath is what I should be using. Looking over the refernece book I did not see any methods that will search the contents of an element using a search string.

For example if I hadthis description:

"The geology of the Pacific Northwest is varied, and its expression in the landscape is a major factor in the scenic beauty of this region."

And I did a keyword search of "Geology + Northwest"

The program would return thisresult because the description contains both keywords.

Any suggestions on how to achieve this using XML and C# would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards,

Mike Boynay
Senior Geologist

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Would XML be the right choice?

by John Wilker In reply to Looking for a solution

I can't speak to how to do it in C# since I don't do C# :) but would XML be the best choice? What about a database? Even access. I say this because I assume you want to keep the book data in XML, that means some one is maintaining a static file, having to update it. Even if you build a front end for it, it's still a file. Could get lost, deleted, crapped on (very technical term) by the OS, etc.. You could house the book data in a DB I would think and search faster that way. A column for title, location, description respectively.

Another drawback (i think) to using XML for this would be not only file size if you have 500 or 10,000 books, but you'd have to parse the entire document.



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