looking for a vpn wireless router at a reasonable price.

By doerther ·
Any suggestions on a wireless router that will handle vpn tunneling? I'm trying to connect my desktop at home with my work network. My router does not accept vpn connections.

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Are you the network admin?

by TobiF In reply to looking for a vpn wireles ...

Are you the network admin, or are you trying to defeat the security rules your netadmin executes?

Circumventing the security of your office network without a green light from your IT department may not be a good idea.

Besides that, several home-use capacity wireless routers can be "pimped" with a VPN host by means of openwrt or dd-wrt with the right add-ons.

Actually, a router doesn't need to host the VPN anchor in itself. You may set up an RDP host or VPN host on any computer with a fixed ip address inside your network, and then simply configure "port forwarding" / "virtual server" on the router. Just make sure that the protocol or host implementation you choose isn't too weak or already compromised.

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