Looking for a way to share an internet connection - about 3000 feet away

By Rural Tech ·
I am trying to find a (preferably wireless) solution to a small problem I have. I have recently moved into an old farmhouse near a friend, and I want to share a LAN connection from my home to his. The problem? There are several barns, a wooded area, and a little over 2000 feet between us. About 3,000 to 3,500 if you go around the woods and everything else. The only thing I can think of is A)fiber optic or B)wireless.

Is there a device or devices that will allow me to transmit a signal from one location to the other. I have used a can-tenna before for picking up a wireless signal, even used one rigged to one of those first smaller satellite dishes as a parabolic enhancer to some degree of success. Is there hardware that is designed to send & receive a signal like this, or am I stuck with fiber? I have no problem with line of sight, as we have several old telephone poles we can use to put up antennae.

And before you ask, we want to avoid VPN tunnels, as that will require separate internet connections. Out where we are, there is only one option for broadband; satellite @ $50+ per month. No cable, no DSL, **** dial up does not even work out there. We want to share the internet connection, and him having access to my file servers is a bonus.

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You really only have 2 choices for this

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Looking for a way to shar ...

The first is a Microwave link but this is Line of Sight so it required no obstructions in between the 2 points.

Your other alternative is Fibber Optic which will cover that distance and it is a cheaper option than Microwave. Though to be fair you will need to bury the Optical Fibre Cable underground and make sure that it's in conduit and at least 18 inches underground deeper if there are any Creek Crossings or other natural barrier's. If you want to run an Overhead Line which is more likely to be broken and need repair you will need UV Stabilised Cable which is both more expensive and fragile.

If you are looking at conventional WiFi you will need repeater stations every 500 Yards or so and these will need to be weather proof. For CAT 5-6 cable the repeater stations will need to be every 175 Yards or so and that is right on the limit so it would be a better idea to have them closer together.


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