Looking for a Wireless N Dual Band Router with good signal coverage

By TechieDub ·
I have bought a Dlink DIR-855 N Gigabit Quadband Wireless Router for my home after reading lots of reviews. But unfortunately it is having very less wireless signal coverage. I placed it just one floor above and only getting poor signal downstairs. I got the RMA to return it back and have to find another one soon.

Could you suggest a N Gigabit Dual Band Wireless Router which has a good coverage. I read about Netgear WNDR3700, LinkSys e3000, Draytek etc. But before zeroing in on something, I prefer to get some feedback from people who really used or have exposure to one of these.

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The problem is not the WiFi Device here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Looking for a Wireless N ...

It's to do with the Aerial and the way that Radio Signals are propagated.

They tend to be in just one plane. So you can have coverage at that level for 500 Meters but you can still get little to no signal 10 feet above or below that height.

You need to look at different Aerials that make a different shape signal or ideally have several repeaters on the different levels to cover that level.

You also need to understand that the building materials make a difference here as well to the range of any WiFi Device. So if you where to have metallic Wall Paper that is very likely to stop any Radio Signal in it's tracks. This also happens with Reinforced Concrete Walls or Metal Sidings.

There is as well interference from other Wireless Devices and electronic units, so things like Cordless Phones, Cell Phones, Microwave Ovens will cause a WiFi connection to be blocked if they are located between the Computer and the WiFi Source Device.

For a very good explanation of Radio Propagation read the TR Article here.



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