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By shifty89 ·
Hi there, i was hoping to get some help with an issue i have. About 2 weks ago my copy of xp went a bit "mad" and stop recognizing dvd drives and also started hanging and crashing to bluescreens. If i went into device manager and looked at the dvd drives they would show the yellow warning mark beside them and windows would tell me that they were missing drivers or were corrupted. Anyway i tried to reinstall them by removing drives and replacing them after a reboot to no avail. SO i decided to try an install vista instead as i have lost my xp disks.

but even as dvd drives selected as boot priority they would be ignored and pc continues to boot into corrupt version of xp. The 2 dvd drives show up in bios and are selected as primary boot. So with no success i removed thew drive containing xp and left my data storage drive and tried to write vista to this but it wont let me format the drive. The option at vista startup is greyed out and there isnt a large enough partition left.

Also i cant formate drives in xp because when ever i try to access control panel, my computer or device manager the computer crashes.

my pc spec is as follows:

asus p5nt delux motherboard
ocz 4gb ram 1066mhx
2 x 9800 gtx graphics cards
intel core 2 quad q9300
primary hard disk - 500gb hatachi (contains os)
secondary hdd - western digital green 500gb
primary dvd drive - lg h55t super
secondary dvd - optiarc sony as7001
windows xp sp2 (corrupt)

ive tried to include as much detail as possible any help would be much apprieciated


(edid)* just to add the whole point of this is that i would like to wipe both drives completely so i can do a fresh install of vista and have been unable to.

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by shifty89 In reply to vista clean install

well that doc seemed to help out and i was able to succesfuly load vista and then delete the corrupt partition thank you very much.

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you're welcome

by PurpleSkys In reply to thanks

glad it worked out for you :-)

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