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looking for an article

By dfgconsulting ·
Recently there was an article about switching one PCMCIA card between Slots 0 and 1 to switch networks. I have not been able to find the article again. Can someone point me to it? Thanks


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Why switch actual slots?

by dgiacome In reply to looking for an article

Why would you switch actual slots? just get a software program that can switch networks (like NetSwitcher)... or simply configure the card to have both netwowrks available, there are also VPN solutions...
I assume this is for end-user PC's and we're talking about Win9x users as Win2000 and XP have some of this capability built in.
Actually switching slots means that you'll have to stop the card servic, unplug the PCMCIA card and then put it back in. If users forget to stop the service, thesystem can produce ugly results depending on the OS and package. The other way users usualy switch anything is by shutting down, then rebooting to let plug-and-play figure it out, which sometimes can produce mix results.
While this solution is an option and you are looking for an "older" article that gives a solution, with today's technology, you may find a better one, and I personally encourage you to do so... that is unless you happen to like pain.

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Try MultiNetwork Manager

by sungam In reply to Why switch actual slots?

I suggest that you try GlobeSofts MultiNetwork Manager, it will not only handle the Nics it will give you a lot of usefull features
Read more about it at

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