Looking for bar code software for small business

By sexydiva31 ·
My current employer needs to start putting bar codes on its products. We sell althletic wear to retailers, etc. and some are starting to require bar codes. The current warehousing software we use does have an EDI component which will do the bar codes. BUT, it is very expensive, so they don't want to put that money out at the moment. We need to find a solution that will give us the bar codes we need, and hopefully will be able to be integrated into the EDI software when it is finally purchased. We are using New Generation Computing's Visual AMAS which is is a Visual FoxPro app. I know that I could simply download a bar code font and print them manually if necessary. What I would like is at least to be able to take whatever I use and then take the database created in it and port it into the AMAS when they buy the EDI portion of the software. Any suggestions?

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by angry_white_male In reply to Looking for bar code soft ...

Try WASP MobilAsset.

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Label Printer

by TheChas In reply to Looking for bar code soft ...

Check with the company that made or sells your label printer. Many of these printers have software packages that can print bar-code labels.

Another option if you just want to add bar-code labels onto your existing shipping labels is to use a Brother P-Touch printer.
You just import a file with the data into the label software and set the font to the desired bar-code format.

You should be able to edit the format of your shipping labels to leave an empty box for the bar-code label.


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