Looking for carrier in software Testing.

By neerajvixas ·
I guess its a good field

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If you want

by Dr Dij In reply to Looking for carrier in so ...

someone to carry you
"Looking for carrier in software Testing."
you're not going to find it.

However I think you're looking for a "career" in software testing. Part of software testing is looking for bad spelling mistakes in software and websites. You're not off to a good start in this respect.

any course is only as good as the teacher and company that gives it. I don't know what it is with Indian programmers wanting crash boot camp courses. They're real expensive here.

I'd suggest you goto sites like mercury's software ( which is now on and run thru the free CBT on their software test systems. And view free webinars. You can join forums on on software testing.

read books on software testing and doing online courses on sites like and will give you a head start and total hours alot more than you can afford with in-person courses. They also have oreilly books and books24x7 books on these two sites.

you'll need to dedicate 2-3 hours a day outside your work hours to do the courses, for a long period. don't forget to thank people who save you from being ripped off by cheesy joints who take all your money for questionable training. You can also try and get your employer to pay for training.

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