Looking for driver for Pinnacle Systems dvPlus analog out card

By Leon Gott ·
I have a "Pinnacle systems DVPlus Analog out" card that I want to use in my pc. I have been unable to get a driver for it as all download links refer back to Pinnacle where I cannot find any related product. My operating system is Windows XP

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The reason that all links lead back to the Pinnacle Web Site

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Looking for driver for Pi ...

Is because Pinnacle expect users to pay for their software and drivers. Which is part of the reason I don't like using their products.

The remainder of the reason I don't like Pinnacle is because they drop support for existing product extremely quickly and it becomes unsupported which appears to be what has happened here with tis item.


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Has anyone found these drivers yet? Need help too !!!

by rodplod In reply to Looking for driver for Pi ...

Hi Leon, Were you ever successful in finding the driver for your Pinnacle Systems DV Plus Analogue out PCI card? I too have the same problems as you. I bought the card second hand thinking I would easily find the drivers, but what a pain. No luck so far after what seems like hours of Google searching. as you say, everything leads you back to Pinacles own web site, which is useless. Would appreciate any help / advice you can offer.

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No there are no drivers

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Has anyone found these dr ...

Pinnacle are the only place to get these drivers and to do that you have to pay.


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Pinnacle Drivers

by rodplod In reply to No there are no drivers

Thanx 4 the reply. What a bunch og cheap skates Pinnacle are. Must be some individual out there somewhere that has these drivers and is willing to share??

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That is the single reason

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Pinnacle Drivers

Why I stopped using Pinnacle Stuff. They have great Hardware but want to charge you again and again for it if you are silly enough to want to update the drivers.

If you loose the Driver Disc it's piratically easier to replace the Hardware than to buy a replacement Disc.

Actually they are exactly the same as APC when it comes to Drivers. If you don't have a Service Contract with APC forget trying to get anything from them.


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Looking for a kind sole.

by rodplod In reply to That is the single reason

Thanx 4 all your replies. I have already given up on finding a driver from Pinnacle or any other of the "Drivers" web sites. However, I live in hope someone out there has the driver I need in their collection and is willing to share. I personally have many drivers backed up on discs that I have collected over the years. I know would be happy to share mine, just need to find a like person who has this particular driver. Fingers crossed. (Not the end of the world though. As suggested it will probably be easier to buy a new pci card)

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I have the drivers

by gnat41 In reply to Looking for driver for Pi ...

I have the same card and fortunately still got the driver CD. The driver package is only 41kb in size, I can upload it somewhere if needed.

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Reponse To Answer

by kleis In reply to I have the drivers

Have today spent several hours searching for this driver, I should be glad if you mail it to

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Driver Download

by gnat41 In reply to Looking for driver for Pi ...

Okay, the driver for Pinnacle DVPlus PCI can be downloaded from here:

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